Cuckoo Clock - Chalet-Style - 1-Day Movement with a Moving Beer Drinker - 16
Cuckoo Clock - Chalet-Style - 1-Day Movement with a Moving Beer Drinker - 16

Cuckoo Clock - Chalet-Style - 1-Day Movement with a Moving Beer Drinker - 16


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This beautiful, traditional and unique Black Forest House features a detailed handmade roof. All figures including the beer drinker are hand carved and hand painted. At half-hours and on the hour, the cuckoo calls. The cuckoo bird is carved, the dial, numerals are all also made out of wood. For the night you can shutdown the cuckoo calling.

- 1-Day-Movement with a Moving Beer Drinker
- Clockwork by SBS-Feintechnik (Germany)
- Height: 28 cm (11")
- Weight: 2,2 kg (4.85lbs)
- Handmade in the Black Forest "Made in Germany"
- Original Black Forest clock made HEKAS since 1938 (84 years!)
- 100% Authentic Cuckoo Clock with the VdS Certificate of Authenticity
- 2 Year Warranty (Service Stations are located across the USA)

What means 1 Day movement?
The 1 Day Movement works 1 day, then you have to pull on the chains until the weights are up. The size of the clock - 28 cm (11") - refers only to the clock, without pendulum and weights.

Every customer is invited to come to the Black Forest, Germany and we will show you our over 80 year old cuckoo clock manufactury. We will also show you the best places in the Schonach area.

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How is a cuckoo clock packed?

Some information


Standard DHL Shipping time is 2-4 days. Price varies depending on the clock value and the weight. Clock value above 750 USD is free shipping. Below 750 USD is as low as 30 USD.

Express Shipping (FedEx, UPS, DHL Express depending on the daily prices) is offered during checkout and depends on the weight of the clock (short said, the more expensive the clock, the bigger the clock and the more weight has the package) Shipping time is 2 days.


You can return any cuckoo clock withing 90 days (what we basically never have)


Every package we sent out is insured, to make sure nothing happens and if, everything is taken care off.


The Cuckoo Clocks we sell are handmade in the Black Forest. The high standards of the VdS (Certificate of Authenticity) guarantee that you will get a cuckoo clock which will last forever. All features of the clock are well thought out for generations of the Black Forest clockmaker. The colors of Cuckoo Clock are based on water, what is not only enviromental friendly, but also the best for allergic sufferer.


If you have problems setting up the clock (don't worry it is not hard and instructions are in the package) we offer 2 free options. Either we arrange a call with you or we chat via whatsapp. After that we never had a clock not working.


All Cuckoo Clocks have a 2 year warranty. Nobody ever had to use this warranty, which shows the high quality of the clocks.


  • You can email us all of your questions to
  • write us via whatsapp +49 151 2022 3672 or
  • chat with us instantly through the contact icon in the left corner of the website.

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All clocks are handmade from the worldwide well known family businesses in the Black Forest. The companies are in the 3rd-5th generation. We invite you to get yourself a piece of history.

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