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Original Cuckoo Clocks from Germany: Bring Black Forest Craftsmanship to Your Home

Besides the very popular Black Forest gateau, the German cuckoo clock is one of the most successful products of the Black Forest. Because of the traditional material and its elaborated design, the clocks quickly became real collector's items. With us you can get a hold on original German cuckoo clocks by a simple online order: We carefully selected the best models from the Black Forest, which inspire with beautiful designs, high-quality clockworks and loving details.

German cuckoo clocks inspire with different designs

Over multiple decades, various designs of the German cuckoo clock established themselves: One of the most common designs is the well-known sign clock. Yet there is also the very popular chalet cuckoo clock. Depending on the actual model and its manufacturer, different clockworks are built into the clocks. Even today, there still are new cuckoo clocks with completely mechanical clockworks in production. Even though these do not work as accurately as a quartz clockwork does, they are still considered a favorite because of their originality: They are the reflection of traditional craftsmanship as they are linked tightly to the history of German cuckoo clocks. If you decide to go for a completely mechanical model, you will have to wind it up by hand regularly. There is no battery needed.

The different clockworks of the German cuckoo clocks

Mechanical cuckoo clocks from Germany traditionally use 1-day and 8-day clockworks. This refers to the days the clock is able to run without rewinding. 1-day clocks are common with more compact sizes because just a very small mechanical movement is needed. This is also results in an affordable price. The 8-day clockwork is much more complex to manufacture, bigger in size and thus also in price. In return, you only must wind the clockwork every eight days – or once a week, which can be remembered more easily.