Cuckoo clocks from Black Forest in beautiful designs!

Black Forest Cuckoo clocks: Beautiful craftsmanship for your home

Cuckoo clocks are popular all over the world, despite originating from only a small Black Forest region in south-west Germany: Franz Ketterer made the first cuckoo clock in 1737 in Schönwald in the Black Forest. The underlying exceptional clock concept has established itself on an international level over the following centuries and is appreciated today as a timeless masterpiece of craftsmanship. Until today, the detailed original cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are handcrafted by experienced and traditional craftsmen.

What is it that makes cuckoo clocks so popular and successful?

Unbelievably, it was not the design but the low price which made cuckoo clocks so successful in the first place. Cuckoo clocks were primarily manufactured by Black Forest farmers who wanted to earn a little more besides their manageable harvest. In contrary to more expensive clocks of that time, they solely used wood to manufacture their cuckoo clocks – including the clockwork. It was another time back then and metal was a lot more precious and very hard to work with. Thus, the completely wooden cuckoo clocks did first become popular because of their low price. The iconic clocks lived through many crises and today the tables have turned: Cuckoo clocks are precious as they are made by hand.

High quality cuckoo clocks, hand-carved out of local materials

Today, the cuckoo clock is one thing more than ever: A vertu. Designed with the typical Black Forest house cuckoo clocks incorporate a very traditional look – yet there are also more and more modern designs. Cuckoo clocks today are available with different clockworks, mainly dividable into mechanical and automatic quartz clockworks. Despite their electronic insides, the latter do not stand behind their traditional mechanical counterparts considering charm and beauty.