Kuckucksuhr modern: Modern cuckoo clocks from Germany!

Modern yet still handmade: Colorful cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are mainly known as handmade wall clocks made of dark oak wood or other wooden materials. As the case is carved by hand, they fit especially well into traditional furnishing concepts and a country style. However, many clockmakers in the Black Forest do offer an alternative to the elaborately crafted wooden clocks in the form of cuckoo clocks with a modern and colorful design: Today, renowned manufacturers experiment with colors and patterns linked to modern designs. In some cases, the clocks also feature photo motifs.

How the cuckoo clock changed in the last decades

Offers in which the cuckoo clock is designed in a modern way prove that German craftsmanship does change with time: Black Forest cuckoo clockmakers adapt the design to current trends. Modern cuckoo clocks are not only reflected via rich colors and modern motifs, but also by incorporating other materials and shapes.

Handmade with knowledge centuries old

Even modern Black Forest cuckoo clocks are still handmade and are therefore complex in processing. A manual production ensures that the clocks meet high quality standards, resulting in fine details and well processed material surfaces. The cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest show that German craftsmanship is still worth preserving today. A cuckoo clock with a modern design delights fans of the clockmaker's art with quality and uniqueness while it also surprises with its special shapes and colors. Thus, manufacturers of modern cuckoo clocks rely on minimalist birdhouses on the one hand, but also work with high-quality glazes and varnishes on the other. Here, the watchmakers opt for deliberately clean lines, which are realized with extraordinary precision. If you are looking for a very special cuckoo clock, you should look for so-called energetic cuckoo clocks. They stand out from other models because of their pyramid shape. However, there are many other modern designs available. E. g. you can also acquire cuckoo clocks with glass front to see the actual clockwork.