Fine quality Black Forest cuckoo clocks

Black Forest cuckoo clocks: Modern design and traditional craftmanship

German craftsmanship is appreciated worldwide especially for its attention to detail, uniqueness, and the high-quality standards. One of the most famous and iconic products of German craftsmanship is the Black Forest cuckoo clock, which is available in various designs and with different clockworks since nearly 300 years: In the 18th century, the Black Forest cuckoo clock was invented. It worked completely mechanically and served as an important source of income for many farmers in the Black Forest region. Today, the Black Forest cuckoo clock is world famous, and the clocks are offered either with a traditional mechanical or a modern quartz movement.

Chalet design remains favorite among Black Forest cuckoo clock designs

One of the most famous cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest today is the so-called Chalet clock. These intricately designed cuckoo clocks still embody what many people around the world expect from the according German cultural treasure. Chalet clocks are an upscale version of the traditional art of clockmaking considering the original design: These designs of Black Forest cuckoo clocks feature a Black Forest house as the clock case, which is particularly rich in detail. Especially the many moving elements, e. g. people or birds carved out of wood, make the Chalet cuckoo clock a very special eye-catcher. Some manufacturers even cover the Black Forest houses with real miniature roof shingles.

Legendary Black Forest cuckoo clocks with musical components

Black Forest cuckoo clocks with musical components also deserve special attention: These are also mainly used in the Chalet clocks and some of them have 36 voices. As a rule, the songs are played every full hour. An exception is the Black Forest cuckoo clock with a 1-day movement. Here, the songs mostly do sound every half hour. German titles like "Edelweiß" or also "Der fröhliche Wanderer" and "In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus" belong to the typical melodies of the cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest. The price of the chalet clock is higher than the simple cuckoo clocks, especially when musical components are present.